Why Come to Therapy?

     People primarily come to therapy to improve mood, address conflicts and solve problems, lower stress, feel better about themselves, address old wounds, improve relationships, strengthen their families, develop better skills, grieve losses, or come to know who they are.  We can address any combination of the above in therapy.

     My specialty is in dealing with most aspects of trauma resulting from sexual assault, physical abuse, emotional abuse and loss.  I have special training and credentialing in EMDR, a therapy specifically designed to treat the effects of trauma whether it occurred recently or in the past.  Please refer to that page of my website for more information on EMDR.

     In addition to the treatment of post traumatic stress disorder, I have particular expertise with the following for those who may have these specific needs:

  • depression
  • anxiety (including panic disorder and phobias)
  • dissociation (including DID)
  • personality disorders
  • bipolar disorder
  • attachment issues
  • domestic violence
  • GLBT
  • self-esteem
  • grief